What Can Books Teach us About Change?

While still on my journey through hometown, exploring the unknown in the familiar, I wanted to share with you this quote. I saw it at the same exhibition I mentioned previously. It seems to me that it captures the idea of change wonderfully. We all know that change is inevitable in life and yet we all are bound to try and avoid change, at least from time to time, at least when we want to keep something we really like as it is – unaltered for eternity. This, of course, is impossible. But that doesn’t stop us from trying.

Have you ever wondered what would happen, if we somehow learned to accept the reality of change, its inevitability? Not as something inherently bad or good, but simply as a fact of life, as its necessity even. Perhaps the story of books can teach us something about change and about our role in the process of change.

my photo taken at the exhibition

keep exploring!

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