No Hospitality Without Borders?

In a fascinating exploration of hospitality, philosopher Jacques Derrida, founder of "deconstruction", noted that, paradoxically, hospitality requires clear boundaries between the private and the public. For me to be able to exercise hospitality towards a guest, I need to feel that the integrity of my private sphere, my "at home" where I choose to welcome …

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From Going East to Becoming The East

"There are multiple horizons depending on one's point of view. There might be what is east of you, but also the east side of the city where you live, or the eastern side of the country. But somebody's "east" becomes "the East", as one side of the globe. "What is east (of me/us)" becomes "the …

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What is Present Through Its Absence?

"[T]he "straight line" is what shapes the very tendency to go astray. What is astray does not lead us back to the straight line, but shows us what is lost by following that line."Sara Ahmed keep exploring!

Paradox of Effort and Effect of Repetition

"If we work hard at something, then it seems "effortless".This paradox - with effort it becomes effortless - is precisely what makes history disappear in the moment of its enactment. The repetition of the work is what makes the work disappear... [R]epetition of action takes us in certain directions: we are also orientating ourselves toward …

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Sensation of Life: a lesson from feline philosophy

What can we learn from cats about the art of living a fulfilled life?

Taoist Quote from the Archive

Either in conflict with others or in harmony with them,we go through life like a runaway horse, unable to stop.Working hard until the end of his life,unable to appreciate any achievement,worn out and incapable of resting,isn't he a pathetic sight?He may say, 'I'm still alive,' but so what?When the body rots, so does the mind …

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One Sentence to Close and Start the Year

Happy, joyful, wonderful New Year to you! Let this quote inspire you to slow down, reflect, and emerge more grounded.

Thank You: Quotes From 2022 Top 5 Posts

Selection of quotes from the top 5 most read posts on in 2022.

Why Is The Lightness Of Being Unbearable?

If you have read Milan Kundera's novel "The Unbearable Lightness of Being", published in 1984, you might have asked yourself this question. Why is the being light, and why is lightness unbearable? Here are my very brief reflections. Don't worry if you have not read the book, there are no spoilers in this post. Just …

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