Ancient Tale of Happiness

Human longing for a happy life is probably as old as the humanity itself. However, happiness is one of those fleeting concepts that receives new meaning with the change of time, shifts in values, developments in culture. In other words, happiness is a moving target. What has been our track record so far in trying …

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Revolutions, Omelettes, and Philosophy

What on Earth can revolutions, omelettes, and philosophy have in common? A lot, as it turns out! At least if you think about it from the perspective of Isaiah Berlin (1909-1997). He was a philosopher, a thinker, a historian of ideas, and, according to many (I agree with them), one of the most fascinating, capturing, and creative …

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Let’s Talk Miracles – What Are They?

Last year around this time I wrote about miracles. More specifically, the 18th century Scottish philosopher's David Hume's views on them. It is that season again when my thoughts, at least sometimes, turn to the topic of miracles. Perhaps especially this year. Wouldn't the world really need a few good miracles now! It turns out, …

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Spreading the Word: On Being Yourself

This Friday, I share with you two short videos. Something inspiring for the weekend. And perhaps something to think about. I've decided that Fridays are good days to post my 'Spreading the Word' pieces. So, from now on, they will appear on Fridays instead of Thursdays. It is a somewhat striking and very sad truth …

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Hospitality in the “Odyssey”

It is one of the world's classics, Homer's Odyssey. The story of Odysseus' adventures on his 10-years-long homeward journey after the 10-years-long Trojan war is a legendary one. It is also an old one - first written down roughly some 2,700 years ago and probably existed in the oral tradition before that. If you have …

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Spreading the Word: Philosophy for Tough Times

One day later than usual, but still. Today, I share with you a short but, hopefully, inspirational video. It is a collection of uplifting philosophical quotes to give you extra bit of belief in your inner strength to deal with any problems you might be facing. Enjoy and keep well! Link to the article:

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Why Do We Underestimate?

Why is it that we often underestimate the big importance of small things? Even though each time we do, we get taught a lesson by life to remind us that the devil is, indeed, in the details. He comes out when those details get underestimated. Photo by Jian Xhin on Unsplash Is it because we find …

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The Stories Told by Our Dreams

What do you dream about when you sleep? What about your friends, relatives? Sometimes it can be a lot of fun sharing those strange stories from our dreams. After all, they are just strange stories, they do not really mean anything. Or do they? Image by intographics from Pixabay Here is a thought to ponder …

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To Explain or to Describe?

Last week I posted an article on the main approaches to thinking about the laws of nature. In short, we can demand that laws explain nature or we can be satisfied with them merely describing nature. But can we always tell the difference? Do we always know when we are just describing and when we …

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