One Sentence to Close and Start the Year

A year ago, I shared this short post under the title “One Sentence to Start the Week”. Today, on the cusp of 2023, it appears as a fitting way to close one year and begin a new one. Hopefully, one filled with more peace, understanding, and mutual respect. May you have a wonderful, joyous, and inspiring New Year!

Sometimes you feel like you want to say something, like you are almost bursting with true desire to share with the world, to let your creativity out there. And yet, sometimes you just keep hitting a mental wall. The words have not yet come to you. You wish you had them, knew them, found them, seized them, wrote or told them. But sometimes their time simply hasn’t come yet. Try to accept the necessities of the creative process. It doesn’t happen on command or according to a schedule. It is a natural process that takes its own time. Let it. And if you still want to share with the world, share from within yourself that which is available to you right now. There always is something in you that is available for sharing. Even if it’s not what you had planned or intended. Even if it’s just one sentence. At least that is how this dialogue with myself sounded in my head.

So, dear world, here is a sentence that is more than 300 years old and that remains relevant. Why not start this year with it.

“Our virtues lie in the interpretation of the time”

W. Shakespeare (from the Tragedy of Coriolanus)
photo of a sunset over a snow covered field and forest on the horizon
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keep exploring!

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