One Sentence to Close and Start the Year

Happy, joyful, wonderful New Year to you! Let this quote inspire you to slow down, reflect, and emerge more grounded.

Spreading the Word: Is It Art When AI Does It?

What is art? Is it art when AI generates it? What does it mean for us, humans, and for our creativity?

Don’t Discard Your Ideas

One of the practical things I have learned during my philosophy studies is that it is wise not to judge your ideas immediately when they come to you. There is a real risk of creating a habit of suppressing your creative thought. Our minds are adaptive and learn to respond to the environment. So, if …

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What Does Originality Mean

What does it mean to say that something is new, original? For example, does this question constitute something new or original? I am sure it has been raised many times throughout human history. We place value on originality, but what is it, exactly, that we consider valuable? Image by Daniel Nebreda from Pixabay For example, …

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Culture of Instructions?

What are instructions good for? To present a clear set of actions to follow to attain a certain goal. For example, if I want to successfully assemble any piece of IKEA furniture, I need instructions. Which part goes where and in what order. If I want to learn to drive a car, I need instructions. …

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Spreading the Word: Creativity and Uncertainty

This Friday I share with you a short video on the relationship between creativity and uncertainty, and what neuroscience has to say about it. A lot of interesting and illuminating insights offered in a clear language by a neuroscientist Beau Lotto. What can feel more uncertain than the state of not knowing? And yet, "Creativity …

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Searching for a ‘Something’: Imaginary Dialogue

Today's regular post is a little bit different. It is a small piece of creative writing I did. One evening, not so long ago, I felt a need to express something but wasn't entirely sure what. That is how this imaginary dialogue was created. I hope you enjoy reading it and that it resonates with …

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One Sentence to Start the Week

Sometimes you feel like you want to say something, like you are almost bursting with true desire to share with the world, to let your creativity out there. And yet, sometimes you just keep hitting against a mental wall. The words have not yet come to you. You wish you had them, knew them, found …

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Spreading the Word: Creativity is Vitality

In this week's "Spreading the Word", I share with you a TED talk. For me, it was really inspiring, and I fully agree with the relevance of the idea that our creativity is not just something nice and fluffy to play around with when we happen to have some free time. No - our creativity …

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Inspiration for the Weekend – revisiting an older article

This is an ad hoc post outside of my usual schedule. Yet, given the current tough circumstances worldwide, I thought an exception to the rule is permissible. We are approaching a weekend that in some places will last longer than usual and is often associated with nice family traditions (Easter bunny, egg hunt, gathering with …

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