A Picture and A Quote

"Knowledge that is absolutely certain of its infallibility is faith."From Yevgeny Zamyatin's dystopian novel "We" (my translation) Yevgeny Zamyatin wrote his dystopian novel "We" during the early days of Soviet Russia (in 1920-1921). Considered to be the originator of the dystopian novel genre, it was first published in English in 1924. January afternoon at the Baltic Sea …

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Sensation of Life: a lesson from feline philosophy

What can we learn from cats about the art of living a fulfilled life?

Taoist Quote from the Archive

Either in conflict with others or in harmony with them,we go through life like a runaway horse, unable to stop.Working hard until the end of his life,unable to appreciate any achievement,worn out and incapable of resting,isn't he a pathetic sight?He may say, 'I'm still alive,' but so what?When the body rots, so does the mind …

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One Sentence to Close and Start the Year

Happy, joyful, wonderful New Year to you! Let this quote inspire you to slow down, reflect, and emerge more grounded.

Thank You: Quotes From 2022 Top 5 Posts

Selection of quotes from the top 5 most read posts on humanfactor.blog in 2022.

Search for Self as Search for Home

"It might be youth. It might be the reptilian impulses of a species with migration encoded in its DNA. It might be your inferiority complex or the boredom of small-town claustrophobia or the exhibitionist streak you’ve never told anyone about. It might be the hungers of ancestors whose aspirations have sunk into your bones, pushing …

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Spreading the Word: 5 Misunderstood Philosophy Quotes

Who doesn't like those small, catchy nuggets of wisdom captured in quotes from different thinkers of human history? Admittedly, they are not quite as popular as cat videos, but they are a worthy equivalent in the world of wisdom literature. For example, I am sure many have heard Nietzsche's bold statement, "God is dead". But …

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Spreading the Word: Frankl’s Quotes on Meaning

In this short video, you will hear some of what Viktor Frankl had to say about our need for meaning. Given his severe and bitter personal experience (Nazi camps survivor), I find his thoughtful words particularly inspiring and motivating. Enjoy! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5HUtKHLHeAY Keeping up the "Spreading the Word" tradition, every weekend, I hope to share an …

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