9 Philosophical Quotes – April Edition

With just a tiny bit of delay, here comes the April edition of selected philosophical quotes. March selection is available here. The goal is simple: take my recent readings, select a bite-size amount of philosophical quotes that caused some reaction in me, publish them here on humanfactor.blog 

I am an owl from Pixabay. Here is April selection of philosophical quotes. Hope you enjoy them!

“/…/ I may not be persuaded against my own better judgement.”

(socrates, ~385 BCE)

“A philosophical worry is not necessarily something to worry about in the literal sense. In fact, it is often something to be pleased about, since it can be the precursor to philosophical progress.”

(pike, 2011)

“Why might someone work overtime in a society in which it is assumed their needs are satisfied? Perhaps because they care about things other than needs.”

(nozick, 1974)

“But in real world people do not start their lives on equal terms.”

(dworkin, 1985)

“/…/ it is not possible to place yourself under a moral obligation to do something which is morally impermissible. This is because an obligation is something that you ought to do, and something that is morally impermissible is something that you ought not to do. This is a contradiction.”

(pike, 2011)

“It`s difficult to conclude anything about an agent`s obligations, or their ‘freely given’ consent, from something that they do to avoid certain death.”

(pike, 2011)

“It would be extraordinary if the actions of one person – me – were so pivotal that they were the cause of a general breakdown.”

(pike, 2011)

“This is inevitable: once you get to a certain level of complexity in philosophy, it is not possible to tie up all the loose ends.”

(pike, 2011)

“And just one counter-example defeats a general claim.”

(pike, 2011)

keep exploring!

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