10 Philosophical Quotes – March Edition

Here comes the March edition of selected philosophical quotes. February selection is available here. The goal is simple: take my recent readings, select a bite-size amount of philosophical quotes that caused some reaction in me, publish them here on humanfactor.blog 

I am an owl from Pixabay. Here is March selection of philosophical quotes. Hope you enjoy them!

“Philosophy begins with puzzlement.”

(matravers, 2011)

“It is the difference in appearances that allows us to think we understand what it would be for one thing to be separate from the other when really they are the same.”

(matravers, 2011)

“Somehow, we feel, the water of the physical brain is turned into the wine of consciousness, but we draw a total blank on the nature of this conversion.”

(mcginn, 1989)

“In truth, we simply do not know what it is like to be a bat.”

(matravers, 2011)

“My point, however, is not that we cannot know what it is like to be a bat. My point is rather that even to form a conception of what it is like to be a bat one must take up the bat’s point of view.”

(nagel, 1974)

“But philosophers share the general human weakness for explanations of what is incomprehensible in terms suited for what is familiar and well understood, though entirely different.”

(nagel, 1974)

“Our own experience provides the basic material for our imagination, whose range is therefore limited.”

(nagel, 1974)

“She was infected with the terrible disease called ‘Questioning’.”

(kavaloski, 2020)

“Restrict your desire to perfecting your own understanding and good choices, and fulfil your role as a rational animal on the Earth regardless of whether global civilisation can be saved or not.”

(gindin, 2020)

And if we want to learn how something came from nothing, or if there ever was nothing, we can not shy away from looking into the scary void a little closer.

(gottfried, 2020)

keep exploring!

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