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It’s Content That Fills, Not Form

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Spreading the Word: Wisdom Quotes

This Friday I share with you a short video with wisdom quotes from Aesop's fables. They have reached us from an ancient time but their truth is as relevant as always. What I especially love about them is that Aesop shares his wisdom by engaging our imagination. Enjoy! Link to the video: Keeping up …

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“The Power of Myth” by Joseph Campbell

It is a great book. A wealth of treasures to awaken your hungry imagination. Myths contain such depth of meaning that one needs an experienced guide to help reveal their wisdom. No doubt, Joseph Campbell was an amazing guide who had a life-long passion for myths (ever since his boyhood!). If you have ever tried …

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Wisdom in Botanical Garden

Last weekend I had a chance to go on a short trip to the beautiful city of Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia. For those of you who have never been there and who love relaxed atmosphere, good coffee, wine, food, beautiful nature, calm and welcoming people - then definitely visit Slovenia. Of course, whenever the …

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