“All Are Ennobled by Truth” Quote by al-Kindi

The first Arabic philosopher, 9th century thinker al-Kindī, said that truth and wisdom are valuable regardless of where they come from. What did he mean?

The Quest for Knowledge

Next to the quest for survival and life itself, I would argue that the quest for knowledge is one of the oldest endeavours of our species. Probably the first 'documented' attempts to understand this world and interpret our place in it are captured in the cave paintings. The currently oldest known cave painting is estimated …

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Hume’s Dilemma or the Problem on Induction

In the last week's article about deductive and inductive arguments, I mentioned something called Hume's dilemma. In this article, I discuss it in more detail. Here is a short recap of the main idea - the 18th century Scottish Enlightenment philosopher David Hume presented the scientific (and philosophical) community with a challenge: he claimed that …

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Doubt and Knowledge with Descartes

What can we learn from philosophy of Descartes about certainty, doubt and knowledge?