From Going East to Becoming The East

“There are multiple horizons depending on one’s point of view. There might be what is east of you, but also the east side of the city where you live, or the eastern side of the country. But somebody’s “east” becomes “the East”, as one side of the globe. “What is east (of me/us)” becomes “the East” by taking some points of view as given. In other words, it is drawing the line (the prime meridian) in one location, through Greenwich, that “east” becomes “the East”, as if the East were a property of certain places and people… To orientate oneself by facing a direction is to participate in a longer history in which certain “directions” are “given to” certain places: they become The East, The West, and so on.”

Sara Ahmed (2006)

keep exploring!

Image credit: Photo by Bruno Martins on Unsplash

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