Greek Philosophers In The British Museum

In the collection of the British Museum, there is on display a row of four philosophers from Ancient Greece. All four busts are Roman copies of lost Greek originals, and all four are more than 2000 years old. I had the chance to visit the museum and took this picture. Meet the philosophical version of the fantastic four! As the museum describes it, they “portray a generic type of human intelligence, one that sought knowledge through a life of temperance, endurance and moral incorruptability.”

picture of four busts of ancient Greek philosophers in the British Museum

From left to right with comments from the museum’s information about the display: Socrates – “the intellectual father of Hellenistic philosophy”; Antisthenes – “founder of the Cynic school of philosophy” and a younger contemporary of Socrates; Chrysippos – “developed the Stoic school of philosophy founded in Athens around 280 BC by Zeno”; Epikouros – “founder of the Epicurean school”.

keep exploring!

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