On This Day: June 13

Today is special for me and my family. My husband and I, along with our dog and cat, have moved to Malta. This morning we woke up for the first time at our new home on this tiny island in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. After 9 years in Munich, Germany, the time has come for a new chapter in the book of adventures called life. Let’s see what awaits us!

photo of airmalta airplane wind in the sky above the clouds
On Our Way

In the meantime, here is another historically far more important event that also happened on June 13, many, many years ago. Alexander the Great, king of Macedonia, died on this day in 323 BCE in Babylon. He hardly needs any introduction, but I found this little knowledge quiz on Britannica interesting and fun: Alexander the Great: Fact or Fiction? Have a go and see what you know about the Great Alex.

I will be exploring Malta in the upcoming months and already have an idea about a dedicated project where I will share photo-stories of my discoveries. If you are curious to find out more and come along on the journey, be sure to check in regularly here on humanfactor.blog where I will post all the news and updates about the project. The surest way not to miss anything is to subscribe – well, you know what to do.

Now, before I return to unpacking all the boxes, here is one interesting discovery about Malta. According to the legend, Gozo, the second biggest of the Maltese islands (it is a small archipelago), is the mythical island of Ogygia mentioned in Homer’s Odyssey. In the myth, the Greek hero Odysseus spent seven years on this island, detained by the local nymph Calypso who wanted to marry him and kept Odysseus from returning home. I wonder if it is a sign to all travellers that their stay on the Maltese islands might last longer than expected?

view on a historical city across the water
Valletta – Capital City of Malta

keep exploring!  

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