Small Things Matter

“Never underestimate the big importance of the small things.”

Photo by Anete Lusina from Pexels

A quote from the book ‘The Midnight Library’ by Matt Haig published this year. This, very strange, very unusual and very memorable year of 2020. The first book that I have seen to be dedicated not to some close friend of family member, but to all the care workers. Those whose deeds go largely unnoticed, if all is done well and runs smoothly.

At the end of this very peculiar year we all have been reminded what it means when even the most basic, seemingly simplest things are not guaranteed. We have remembered the meaning of uncertainty.

Now, we can truly feel the powerful message of this simple quote. So, next time you think ‘what can I do, I’m just one person’ – remember. Small things. Big importance. Don’t underestimate.

keep exploring!

2 thoughts on “Small Things Matter

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