Wisdom in Botanical Garden

Last weekend I had a chance to go on a short trip to the beautiful city of Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia. For those of you who have never been there and who love relaxed atmosphere, good coffee, wine, food, beautiful nature, calm and welcoming people – then definitely visit Slovenia. Of course, whenever the situation allows it. I have been there many times, and on this occasion I visited the botanical garden of Ljubljana. Small but wonderfully green, peaceful and teaming with life – a gem of nature hidden in the city. In it, somewhat unexpectedly, I found an interesting combination of nature and wisdom, all made available to those who care to look, hear, feel and notice. Here, I share some of it with you (all photos are taken by me).

to ”the wise, observant and sensible”
take time to notice
sometimes you have to search, listen, touch
be guided by the sound and fragrance
until you find wisdom of nature

keep exploring!

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