Inspiration for the Weekend – revisiting an older article

This is an ad hoc post outside of my usual schedule. Yet, given the current tough circumstances worldwide, I thought an exception to the rule is permissible. We are approaching a weekend that in some places will last longer than usual and is often associated with nice family traditions (Easter bunny, egg hunt, gathering with friends etc). However, due to the pandemic, social distancing and self-isolation many of us might feel extra emotional burden especially when we get restricted in living our traditions. Therefore, I wanted to share with you something for this weekend in hopes that it serves as a little inspiration. Early this year I published an article on our need for meaning. Some of you might have read it while for others it will be new. Back then it received positive feedback and I feel that now could be a good time to revisit it. At least for me, when I reread it today, it was helpful to remember about our unique human ability to create meaning, even in very tough situations.

Wish you an inspiring weekend, keep well and keep exploring!

Photo by Rakicevic Nenad from Pexels

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