Why We Need Contrarians

While the year is slowly approaching its end, and we live through another turn of the annual cycle, it is worth taking some time to reflect. Why do we do what we do? What motivates us to have the dreams that we have? Can we imagine, perhaps even allow ourselves to imagine, a different way? …

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Why Is The Lightness Of Being Unbearable?

If you have read Milan Kundera's novel "The Unbearable Lightness of Being", published in 1984, you might have asked yourself this question. Why is the being light, and why is lightness unbearable? Here are my very brief reflections. Don't worry if you have not read the book, there are no spoilers in this post. Just …

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Spreading the Word: Inspirational Quotes

What did existentialist philosopher Kierkegaard think about discovering ourselves? Collection of inspiring quotes.

Ikigai Diagram and Your Life Purpose

The ikigai Venn diagram unintentionally became a global phenomenon after its creator Marc Winn combined several other people’s ideas he had heard into the visual and used it in his 2014 blog post. His primary focus was not the Japanese culture’s understanding and experience of ikigai but rather the Western thought of finding your life …

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Meaning of Our Life-Meaning Questions

What do we mean when we ask "what's the meaning of life" and "what's the purpose of life"? The way we pose these life-meaning questions indicates a silent assumption - that there is an inherent meaning and purpose to life as such. That these are hidden features of life itself waiting to be discovered by …

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Spreading the Word: Jeremy Clarkson on Age and Death

This weekend, I share with you an article recently written by Jeremy Clarkson. It is his personal take on philosophical questions about the value of our pursuits in the face of growing age and fear of death. As Jeremy puts it, "How much time do we have left and what will we be able to …

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