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Spreading the Word: 2’000 year-old history of ‘Googling’

Today I share with you a an interesting article about the history of knowledge storage and search. In short - about libraries. I found it fascinating to learn how people developed improved ways of storing, codifying and searching for information. Have you ever heard about the great ancient library of Alexandria? Those are the beginnings …

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Understanding is an Interaction

Whenever we are trying to understand the world, we are, by extension, trying to understand ourselves. Whether we are aware of it or not. Indeed - whether we want it or not. We bring ourselves along to every encounter with the world, and we experience each such encounter through ourselves. We don't really have any …

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Xenophanes from Colophon – a Pre-Socratic Greek Philosopher (ca. 540 BCE)

In my last article on the exploration of the historical context of the time around 130 years before Socrates, we discovered the events of roughly 50 years of the 6th century BCE. It was the time when most known philosophical activity of the Greeks was still taking place in their Ionian city-states, on the coast …

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The Quest for Knowledge

Next to the quest for survival and life itself, I would argue that the quest for knowledge is one of the oldest endeavours of our species. Probably the first 'documented' attempts to understand this world and interpret our place in it are captured in the cave paintings. The currently oldest known cave painting is estimated …

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Doubt and Knowledge with Descartes

What can we learn from philosophy of Descartes about certainty, doubt and knowledge?