Spreading the Word: 10 Soviet Philosophers

"Discover the USSR's forgotten thinkers". Have you ever read any of the Soviet philosophers? Have you heard about them? Did you know they even existed? It is really rather surprising, with all the diversity and inclusion trends and all, how seldom one comes across non-Western philosophers' names in an English-speaking philosophical space. You are sure …

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Catching Autumn in Edinburgh

Visiting Edinburgh, Scotland, these days is a treat for autumn lovers. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then here are some very talkative and colourful visuals I had a chance to capture in the last couple of days. Unfortunately, I cannot convey the gorgeous autumn smell through the digital world, but believe me …

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Spreading the Word: Where Music Comes From?

Music is a human universal. All over the world, across all cultures and times, people have created, listened to, and enjoyed (or hated) music. Arguably, it's not just us. Some of our fellow Earth inhabitants engage in what sounds very much like music, even to our ears. But where does music come from? Why do …

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Spreading the Word: Inspirational Quotes

What did existentialist philosopher Kierkegaard think about discovering ourselves? Collection of inspiring quotes.

Art As Increase In Being

Quotes about art as an act of increased being by the German philosopher Hans-Georg Gadamer from his magnum opus, Truth and Method.

Spreading the Word: Is It Art When AI Does It?

What is art? Is it art when AI generates it? What does it mean for us, humans, and for our creativity?

When Your Public Image Becomes You

German philosopher Hans-Georg Gadamer on the formative influence of our public image - we are expected to become what we present ourselves to be.

Spreading the Word: Druids in Irish History

Greetings to all fellow history enthusiasts! Today I would like to share with you another fascinating podcast episode from the authors of The Histocrat YouTube channel. This time, listeners (and viewers) are invited to explore the mythical world of Druids in Irish history. Accompanied by videos of beautiful lush green landscapes and forests, historical images, …

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Ikigai Diagram and Your Life Purpose

The ikigai Venn diagram unintentionally became a global phenomenon after its creator Marc Winn combined several other people’s ideas he had heard into the visual and used it in his 2014 blog post. His primary focus was not the Japanese culture’s understanding and experience of ikigai but rather the Western thought of finding your life …

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