Philosophy of Relationships

Valentine’s Day is coming and it will not be the same as last year. The 14th February was not the same back in 2020 as it will be in 2021. Just as about everything else in our lives, on a global and local scale. And yet – life finds a way. Just like water, it always flows, around all obstacles. So does love. So does desire. Unless we kill that life force. But we can also recreate it, again and again. The true power of life energy, the eros in its broadest sense. So then – here is to the life force, to eros, to love!

Many words have been said and written and sung about love. And that will remain so, as long as we remain humans. Here is another voice – Esther Perel – whose passion and knowledge about the human condition’s inseparable link to relationships are truly inspiring to listen to:

keep exploring!

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