Thoughts and Pictures from a Sleepless Night

Sometimes, falling asleep just doesn’t work. Your mind refuses to let go. So I thought – what about offering some pictures to it instead of force-feeding it with sleep. It’s anyway too late, you will anyway feel half-dead in the morning. Funny enough – forcing yourself to sleep is just as useless as forcing yourself to love.

No matter how we push ourselves and tell all the right, prudent, rational and sensible reasons for why we should love, like, enjoy, feel motivated, excited, interested, or just sleep… the only thing we are left with is that ”should” and a sleepless night.

So, instead of telling ourselves what we should do, be and feel, what about asking ourselves what would we like? For instance, get up (you don’t want to sleep anyway), go make yourself a cup of tea or warm milk or chocolate or something nice that you enjoy, take a book, a blanket, and cuddle up on a sofa in the peace and quiet of the night. Or have a look at nice pictures (these ones are from Unsplash). Who knows, maybe you will hear a silent voice of your genuine wishes now that you have put the ”should” on mute. At least for this sleepless night.

keep exploring!

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