Spreading the Word: Objectivity and Reality

In this week’s “Spreading the Word”, I share with you a video where two philosophers – Daniel Kaufman and Massimo Pigliucci – discuss the topics of what is real and what is objective, what are our intuitions about these concepts, and what might the implications be. I found this talk immensely interesting and also easy to follow. Some interpretations of what constitutes reality made me realise how often we use this term in contradicting ways in our everyday lives.

The video lasts about 1h 20min and is sure to be thought-provoking.


Link to the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=auaqR4d3z8A&t=1s

Photo by Jossuha Théophile on Unsplash

Keeping up the new “Spreading the Word” tradition, every Thursday I hope to share with you an article I’ve read or a video I’ve seen and considered it to be inspiring or enlightening. Especially now, during our uncertain times, I feel it is important to take good care not just of our physical but also of our mental well-being. Humans have always turned to storytelling when everything else fails. My Thursdays’ “Spreading the Word” articles are an online version of sharing worthwhile stories.

keep exploring and storytelling!

One thought on “Spreading the Word: Objectivity and Reality

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