Spreading the Word: Continental vs Analytic Philosophy

In this week’s “Spreading the Word”, I share with you a podcast episode. It is one of BBC’s In Our Time podcast. The topic of discussion is the so-called continental-analytic split in philosophy. I learned about the existence of such split only very recently and have been trying to find a good, comprehensive explanation of the whole matter. This podcast episode offers just that and I recommend everyone interested in the subject to give it a go. The audio lasts about 40 minutes and is totally worth it. A small spoiler – there is an ironic twist to the story.

Which “approach” of philosophy would you prefer – analytic, continental, none or something else entirely?

“The Analytic school favours a logical, scientific approach, in contrast to the Continental emphasis on the importance of time and place.”

From the introduction to the podcast episode (link below)


Link to the audio:


Photo by jisoo kim on Unsplash

Keeping up the new “Spreading the Word” tradition, every Thursday I hope to share with you an article I’ve read or a video I’ve seen and considered it to be inspiring or enlightening. Especially now, during our uncertain times, I feel it is important to take good care not just of our physical but also of our mental well-being. Humans have always turned to storytelling when everything else fails. My Thursdays’ “Spreading the Word” articles are an online version of sharing worthwhile stories.

keep exploring and storytelling!

3 thoughts on “Spreading the Word: Continental vs Analytic Philosophy

  1. A really interesting listen, with a lot of opportunities for further research and understanding. Thank you so much for sharing! I look forward to more Thursday “Spreading The Word” posts.

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