Book Review: Luc Ferry “The Wisdom of the Myths”

A review of the French philosophy professor's Luc Ferry's book "The Wisdom of the Myths" where the author explores relationship between ancient Greek mythology and philosophy.

6 Philosophical Quotes or a Snack for the Mind

Last week I wrote a short article about my first thoughts on ethics. Today I thought - why not publish some philosophical quotes. We love them, don't we! Short snippets of wisdom during our busy everyday lives. So here goes, this is the first article where I try it out and who knows, maybe it …

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First Thoughts on Ethics

Having finished a roughly 1-month long study module on ethics and fully realising that I am only scratching the surface, I decided to summarise and share my first thoughts on this vast discipline known also by the name philosophy of morality. Like many of us, I too already had some views on certain moral questions and …

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Need for Meaning of our Symbolic Self

"He who has a Why to live for can bear almost any How."Nietzsche image from pixabay When you land on my blog's first page you can read a description about how was born and what are my fundamental ideas underlying its content. The very first thing you read there is the following: "We humans …

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