Spreading the Word: Embodiment and Philosophy of the Body

Are you your body or your mind (or perhaps your soul)? For centuries, perhaps even thousands of years, people across various cultures and geographical regions have often thought of themselves in this dual way – separating the body and the mind, the senses and the thinking. Even today, when we encounter efforts to unite this dichotomy into one living whole, we use the same language that betrays separatist meanings. We talk of mind-body interaction and how body and mind influence each other, underscoring their distinction despite our best intentions. What word would we use to express the meaning of mind-body unity? Perhaps we should create such a concept?

While we are pondering that, have a look at this article about the 20th-century French philosopher Maurice Merleau-Ponty’s philosophical project: Philosophy of the Body. His work is considered a classic and a must-read for any philosophical researcher interested in embodiment and the role our bodies play in all aspects of our lives. Enjoy!

black and white photograph of a person's back that has a leaf on it

Keeping up the “Spreading the Word” tradition, I hope to share an insightful and thought-provoking article, podcast episode or video every weekend. Humans have always turned and returned to storytelling to find meaning. My weekends’ “Spreading the Word” posts are an online version of sharing meaningful stories.   

keep exploring and storytelling!

Image credit: Photo by Matheus Bertelli on Pexels.com

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