Special Post: Volunteers Helping Ukraine

This is a very special post. I share with you a video made by one Ukrainian travel video blogger who has a very popular YouTube channel. Ever since the war in Ukraine started, he put all his travel videos on pause and has devoted his separate English-language channel to posting regular updates about the current situation. In this recent video that I share with you, he talks about volunteers and their work in Ukraine, and how it helps the country. Also, you will find useful links with more information as well as the possibility to donate to a fund run by one of the volunteers you will see in the video. Earlier this week my husband and I did some volunteer work in Munich where we currently live. We helped as translators at one of the refugee centres that try to find temporary accommodation for all those fleeing the war in Ukraine. There are no words that can describe the sorrow that we saw and felt. There were many families and a lot of these people were telling how they want to return to their homes as soon as possible. I can just echo the message of the video – every little thing helps. Thank you and stay safe.

keep exploring and spread the word!

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