Spreading the Word: Facing Ourselves

Today, I share with you a touching, relatable, and strangely compassionate little story captured in a short 7-minute animation film by the UK filmmaker Sam Gainsborough. It is called ‘Facing it’ and shows us what it would be like, if all our emotional experiences were clearly available to us (and others), visible on our faces. I also encourage you to read the short commentary after the video. What I found most humbling and illuminating is the realisation that it’s not only ”impossible to know what it is to be anyone else but us” but that even to know and understand ourselves fully is far from being easy. I hope you enjoy this short film. Link to the video: Facing it.

You       who I don’t know       I don’t know how to talk to you 

—What is it like for you there?

(from Sanctuary by Jean Valentine, source)

Keeping up the “Spreading the Word” tradition, every Friday (or Saturday, as today), I hope to share with you an article I’ve read or a video I’ve seen and considered it to be inspiring or enlightening. I feel it is important to take good care not just of our physical but also of our mental well-being. Humans have always turned and returned to storytelling. My Fridays’ “Spreading the Word” articles are an online version of sharing worthwhile stories.   

keep exploring and storytelling!

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