9 Philosophical Quotes – February Edition

Here comes the February edition of selected philosophical quotes. January selection is available here. The goal is simple: take my recent readings, select a bite-size amount of philosophical quotes that caused some reaction in me, publish them here on humanfactor.blog  I am an owl from Pixabay. Here is February's selection of philosophical quotes. Hope you enjoy them! …

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Hume’s Dilemma or the Problem on Induction

In the last week's article about deductive and inductive arguments, I mentioned something called Hume's dilemma. In this article, I discuss it in more detail. Here is a short recap of the main idea - the 18th century Scottish Enlightenment philosopher David Hume presented the scientific (and philosophical) community with a challenge: he claimed that …

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Sharing an interesting video on philosophy

This is a video where two philosophers are interviewed about their recent book on how to live a good life. I found the discussion itself very interesting and personally engaging as the speakers share their own stories on how they live the different philosophies. They elaborate on existentialism and stoicism in particular. Hope you enjoy …

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Deductive and Inductive Arguments

Last year I wrote two short articles about philosophical arguments - one about what they are and the other about how to evaluate them. This time, I look at two arguably best-known types of arguments and offer their brief introduction - deductive and inductive arguments. Both names refer to the structure of your argument, how …

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Doubt and Knowledge with Descartes

What can we learn from philosophy of Descartes about certainty, doubt and knowledge?