When are you mature? What does it mean – to be mature? Does it happen automatically as you grow older?

I think maturity is not directly linked to your age. We all can think of at least one example when an adult is acting like a child and a young person seems to have an ‘old soul’. I don’t think maturity comes automatically with age.

In my view, maturity is directly linked to responsibility. It doesn’t mean you never make mistakes and always know what is the right thing to do. But a mature person cannot fall back on the excuses of childhood – he/she started it, it’s not my fault and the like.

If I want to call myself mature, I have to be able to deal with the consequences of my actions. Without excuses. Simply own them, whatever they are. Even if it’s embarrassing, even if I don’t want to admit that it was really me (I am not like that!), even when the whole world is watching and even when no one except me noticed.

You can do whatever you want, if you can deal with the consequences.

And I think, if you are a person who truthfully thinks about consequences and whether you can really deal with them, then you will not end up doing whatever you want.

Because that is maturity – to understand beyond a shadow of doubt that freedom comes with responsibility. Always.

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